martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

Nueva versión 2.1.2 de Nikto

Les dejo una nueva versión de Nikto. En este caso la version 2.1.2 que fue liberada el 11 de Julio del corriente año. Como dije en el anterior post, esta es una excelente herramienta de auditoría, por lo que les recomiendo a todos aquellos interesados en la auditora de seguridad que lo descarguen, y para aquellos que ya la tienen que la actualicen.

Les dejo los links de descarga:

Descarga: Version 2.1.2 .gz o .bz2

Y a continuación les dejo el changelog (registro de cambios):

2010-07-11 Nikto 2.1.2
  • Ticket 8: Interactive scan status.
  • Ticket 122: Cleanup db_404_strings to prevent over-matching.
  • Ticket 122: Use db_404_strings as a higher priority.
  • Ticket 125: fetch is dead, long live nfetch!
  • Ticket 126: subdomain plugin tries to guess domain on unqualified hostname.
  • Ticket 127: dav methods are treated specially and reported all at once.
  • Ticket 129: Change references for config.txt to nikto.conf.
  • Ticket 130: Added -D E to show HTTP errors, otherwise suppress.
  • Ticket 132: Properly check for HTTP and HTTPS ports in cache.
  • Ticket 133: Regular expression matching causes errors. Removed char_escape and some other regexs in favor of the faster quotemeta(). Also set many regexs to non-capturing for speed.
  • Ticket 134: Added documentation of -config to usage_short.
  • Ticket 136: Moved set_scan_items to only run once, should speed things up with multiple targets.
  • Ticket 137: Added -ask to override nikto.conf's UPDATES value (same options).
  • Ticket 139: Partial fix: Moved URI error handling and reporting result to nfetch, rather than being in nikto_tests.
  • Ticket 141: pre-compile RE in content_search to give some speed-up.
  • Ticket 142: Enhancement to allow easier addition of hooks.
  • Ticket 144: Cleaned up map_codes to use general rules, still needs some for redirection.
  • Ticket 145: Added OSVDB 0 to orphan items in db_tests.
  • Ticket 146: Paritial fix: with new "start" hook which is run at the start after target enumeration.
  • Ticket 147: Grab HTTP information on the fly, deprecate get_banner.
  • Ticket 150: Special characters in XML output.
  • Ticket 152: HTTP Version set in nikto.conf over-ridden.
  • Ticket 153: Properly check for HTTP and HTTPS ports in cache.
  • Ticket 156: Update system couldn't update nikto_core.plugin.
  • Ticket 163: Scan details not appearing in XML reports.
  • Allow changing certain config settings during scans.
  • Optimized rm_active_content() a little by shuffling code and reducing some mem copies/regexs. Needs more work.
  • Update nikto.conf to switch tests to always have the (report:500) parameter.
  • Updates to read known headers on the fly, rather than make requests for them.
  • Fixed a bug with the order of parameters in hooks (broke parameters being passed to some plugins).
  • Added the parameter "report" to tests plugin to report when completed x number of tests.
  • Stop LibWhisker producing an error when talking HTTP to HTTPS during port_check.
  • Merged apacheusers and apache_enum_users.
  • Add facillity for a plugin to inform which options it can take.
  • Added nbe output plugin which written by Frank Breedijk of the Seccubus project.
  • Moved do_auth to a postfetch plugin.
  • Removed dead code from fetch().
  • Optimizations in nfetch(),, & elsewhere.
  • Added support for prefetch and postfetch hooks.
  • Moved content_search to a plugin.
  • Some tuning around plugin execution.
  • Updated user_enum_apache to use Plugins instead of mutate.
  • Rewrote the macro expanding bit to make it more efficient.
  • Mutate 1 now wrapped into nikto_tests and doesn't take up anywhere near the amount of memory!
  • Starting to deprecate mutate by replacing with plugin options. -mutate 2 (passfiles) is now implemented within tests and
  • uses less memory.
  • Updated -check_updates to use nfetch instead of fetch.
  • Updated -Plugins support.
  • Add filename support to rm_active_content.
  • Added basic support for -D s (scrub, removes some information from the log).
  • Match plugin names case-insensitive.
  • Warn if RFIURL is undefined.


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